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The new Paparazzi [the American Dream instigated by Fox Networks]

Michael Greyson's version Pararazzi Here's the story: 12-year old Michael Greyson performs Lady Gaga's Paparazzi at his Sixth Grade School event - an impressive piano driven cover. Solo, in front of his classmates. Someone records it on mobile video, about one million people go look at it on YouTube, and the Fox Networks decides to give this video a spot on their 10pm news. The result: just three days later the online video has 13 million views (and counting), Michael is invited at talkshows, and lives the American Dream. Click here to read more »

So much for the weekend... [April 23-25th]


Weekends are supposed to be fun. So how about throwing a party on Friday, attending a concert on Saturday, and some outlet shopping on Sunday ? Check, check, and check. Add some great friends - and it sounds like the recipe for a great weekend. And it was. Click here to read more »

Not the Blog Writer, but The Ghost Writer [Roman Polanski, 2010]

Last night, we went to see The Ghost Writer, Roman Polanski's latest movie, in Raleigh's Independant Rialto Theater. A nice cast (Kim 'Sex In The City' Cattrall, Pierce 'James Bond' Brosnan, busy bee Ewan McGregor, ...), an engaging story which sounds all to familiar, and of course a bit of US (and UK) bashing as could be expected from the director. In total: 90 minutes of entertainment and suspense. No need to go and see this in 3D, on IMAX, or other technological gadgets: the storyline and actors make this movie worthwhile by itself ! Click here to read more »

Back in Raleigh...

Raleigh Home Summer 2010 Google's Streetview

Well, since April 5th I'm back in Raleigh for awhile. And the weather isn't even that much different from Belgium - unfortunately. The good news about all the rain: everything is green... if you do a quick compare of the new picture on the left (Spring 2010) with the picture on Google's Streetview (on the right, impressive amount of detail on this free map service !) you will immediately notice that the summertime brings a bit warmer and dryer weather (and that the bushes have grown :-). Click here to read more »

Leaving Japan...

Flickr Cherry Blossom
At the Narita Airport, leaving Japan. Overcast clouds, unseasonably cold - so I missed the Cherry Blossom season. Missed the moment when people rush out and have a drink and/or a pic-nic under the Cherry Blossom trees with their friends and families. So they say. And I have the feeling I missed much more... Click here to read more »

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