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[NO] Lufthansa Customer Service

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When Lufthansa cancels your connecting flight so you get stuck for hours on the Munich airport, after a long haul flight of more than 12 hours originating from China, what can you expect from their customer service ? Nothing much... and certainly no free use of their shower facilities ! Read on Click here to read more »

Unlimited Free Music Downloads from Google [.cn]

Google Music Google China Home
Google claims they want to play by the US rules in China - no censorship, full freedom of information. At that is great. However, when you are in China, you will notice that for their local Google China Service they do they advantage of the more liberal Chinese rules on Intellectual property... Using the regular google service, you can download just about any song for free in plain mp3 format. No kidding. Click here to read more »

Ter Bescherming van de Jeugd - California [January 15th 2010, Geraardsbergen]

The kick-off for California, the new cabaret-show of Ter Bescherming van de Jeugd was Friday January 15th in CC De Abdij in my home town Geraardsbergen. And there is a little more work to be done, in my opinion, to get the full potential out of the material. There are some great moments... yes. But overall the show lacks consistency and drive... Click here to read more »

Axelle @ Arenbergschouwberg Antwerpen, January 13th 2010 [try-out concert]

Axelle Red
Yesterday evening was a special evening... Axelle was trying out her new show for a select audience in the small room of the Arenbergschouwberg in downtown Antwerp. How select ? Well, there were about 80 seats and only 70 people. The show was a mix of English, Spanish, French and even one Dutch song - and most of the songs had received a serious make-over. Click here to read more »

Wintercold ? Is Yahoo Mail sick ?

Yahoo Mail Error
Was it the winter temperaure, or was something else wrong @yahoo today ? I got a very strange error message ('error 1') when accessing my mail today - never seen it before and I hope I never get it again. Goodmorning... from snowy white Belgium !

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