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Hairglow ?!?

Alex - Hairglow
Well, yesterday evening we went to the "Late Night Concert" of Hairglow at the Ancienne Belgique (AB) in Brussels (More concert information on the AB website) - for sure not a value proposition... Tickets were 12 Euro (times two), there were seven (7) songs and well less than 50 minutes of music... So lesson learned: better buy the CD (just 8.99 Euro on iTunes).

Obviously I was a little late learning this lesson... only about 200 people showed up - of which at least half got a free pass for this club concert after attending the Vive La Fete concert earlier that evening. So yes, I only have myself to blame :-) And allthough there might have been a shortage of fans, there for sure was no shortage of camera people roaming around...

The concert itself was fine. Nothing much more than that. It's the closest that I've come to listening to the Human League and New order for a long time. And at any random moment of the Hairglow songs you could just start a tune of these two eighties bands and create a perfect mix. So big surprise: the only cover they choose to play was one of Nick Cave and PJ Harvey (Henry Lee). The only cover, as I don't consider the Hairglow version of Alex' own 'Mad About You' as such.

On the very positive side... as always the sound and light were perfect in the cozy AB club...

Tessa De Block - Hairglow

Pictures are from Muziekodroom's Flickr Page