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[2013.12.05] Milow Plays Acoustic Show in Paris : Adorable !

milow acoustic paris poster

One of Belgian's most popular acts played a two evening acoustic engagement in Paris... On December 4th and 5th Milow played an acoustic set at the New Morning Jazz club - a small intimate theater in downtown Paris with a great history and legacy - including the names of some legendary performers !

And it turned out to be a great concert... Milow and Tom (yes, just the two of them played the entire show by themselves) obviously enjoyed playing the crowd, telling stories (in a funny Belgian French language), and playing off one another. Making fun of themselves, and telling the public about the forthcoming album. But most important of all : playing a great set of classics and new songs including some tracks from their forthcoming album. Some noteworthy moments included a Swiss guy proposing from the stage to his girlfriend (she said yes), and Milow and Tom leaving the stage and performing from within the crowd in the middle of the dancefloor !

Milow's and the public's review on Milow's Facebook page is here (click) - and is full of very positive reactions from almost half the people who were there !


Read more about Milow at Wikipedia.

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