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Download our Christmas clones

Welcome to the download page... where you can download our Xmas clones, and build personalized christmas ornaments. What is this all about ? Well, very simple: you can actually make the little figures you see on this page in three easy steps:

  1. Download the files for each of these figures - one for Hilde and one for Jürgen
  2. Print the files on heavy paper (as heavy as your printer will allow)
  3. Fold and cut along the indicated lines - no tape or glue required

It's easy, it's fun and it will keep you (or your kids) busy - creatively. After this, we will forever be part of your Christmas scene at home.

Step 1

Click on each of the figures below to get the associated large jpg file (right click and chose 'save as...')

hilde small clone

jurgen small clone

Or you can right click the following links to save the PDF files:

Step 2

Now, print each of these files. You definitely need a color printer, and you should use heavy paper (card stock) - as heavy as your printer can handle. The heavier the paper, the easier the next step will be. When printing the .jpg file, print it as large as you can (this print option is typically called 'Fit To Page'). Remember you had a choice in step 1 to download the PDF files as well - which might be easier for printing purposes.

Step 3

So now you have one printed page for each clone figure. But they are still as flat as a sheet of paper. So it's time to bring them to life. The instructions are printed on the page: cut (with a sharp knife) along the edges of each of the shapes on the page, and next slit the lines marked with a letter (these openings will be used to keep the structure together). Finally, fold along the lines which are not labeled with a letter.

And after some arts&crafts work you will have two new Christmas ornaments ! Enjoy !

Hilde & Jürgen