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Stromae takes America - Right ?

Selling out the 20,000 seat Madison Square Arena in New York is not the same as taking America by storm - but it is a good start. Especially for an artist who hasn't touched the American charts yet...

The movie embedded above is a great 5 minute introduction to Stromae... the credentials (2 million concert tickets...), the references (Madonna), the style, the music and... New York, which he has frequented more than any other US city in his quest to conquer America. He has an easier time in Canada (they speak French) - evidenced by the sell-out crowds in large venues in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. But also in the US his third tour is bringing him to larger rooms which sell out. Top of the bill: Madison Square Garden on October 1st - complete with coverage in all American Media.

stromae_tour_2015 USA CA

Take the five minutes to watch the movie, hosted on YouTube - as all of the official Stromae creations it has its own style, presents a distinct image, and positions him as a great artist.

All magazines have taken notice... and with his "Quand C'est" song he also made it into the Wired (click to read) list.

stromae-timeout stromae-esquire

stromae-deStandard stromae-GQ

Read more about Stromae's initial efforts to conquer the US in my June 2014 post...

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Stromae takes America part 2:

Stromae takes America part 2: performing “Ave Cesaria" in San Francisco... Another very nicely produced video clip - showing off Stromae to his American audience...