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Stromae's quest to conquer the US Billboard charts has started...

stromae live on stage

It has been a long time in the making... but this week it started in full force: Stromae's quest to be popular in the United States. The plan has been made - even more, the execution has started...

Last week Stromae was on American TV - in the late night show of Seth Meyers - 1.5 million viewers.

On Thursday, all listeners of the National News Radio (NPR, syndicated across the US using many local stations) were presented with a nice background story on Stromae, including excerpts of an interview with him recorded in his home town Belgium. Read and listen to the story on the NPR website.

And on Friday June 20th he filled the 2000+ Best Buy theater in New York for his first real live performance.

One big issue... American's do not speak French... and Paul Van Haver aka Stromae is not about to start singing in English. One part of the solution to the problem ? The video clip for his latest hit, Ta Fête, has been subtitled in English - even on YouTube:

The song is also the Belgian Red Devils theme song for their World Cup campaign in Brazil.

And yes... Stromae and his entourage have plenty of experience in conquering other countries than his home turf Belgium... France and Canada, two big music markets, are already converted - but they of course do understand French... He has been #1 on the iTunes charts in 12 countries (could be more by the time you read this)...

His American tour in September is almost completely sold out - no more room in Los Angelas, San Francisco, Chicago, ...

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Stromae is featured on the

Stromae is featured on the new Hunger Games Mockingjay soundtrack... another step in his quest to conquer the US... the song "Meltdown" features Lorde, Pusha T, Q-Tip & Haim... Paul van Haver wrote the song himself with additional credits to Ella Yelich O'Connor, Joel Little, Kamaal Ibn John Fareed, Terrence Thornton, Alana Haim, Este Haim & Danielle Haim. And in an attempt to appeal to the US market... the song is fully in English...