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Why e-commerce and online advertising have still so much room to grow - and how the US is falling behind in the digital experience

Today, US E-commerce is ~$450 billion per year - out of $5 Trillion in US retail spending (or only just about 10%) which is just a fraction of the $12 trillion per year US consumer spending - so which sectors are up next for transformation (hint: restaurants, groceries, insurance, etc.). With 10% of e-commerce vs. total retail consumer spending, the US trails China, South Korea and even the UK with multiples...

Online advertising is worth $220 billion today, reaching ~40% of ad budgets, but there is another $500 billion left globally in the non-advertising marketing spend (direct marketing, product placement, events, etc).

Asia now generates more mobile data than North + South America plus all of Europe together... indicative of their spending power.

If you have 30 minutes to get a very different view on the state of technology, based on facts and statistics, then watch the above presentation by Benedict Evans at the a16z Summit (November 2018). It's a rapid-fire update on where the (online) world is today, and where tomorrow's obvious growth opportunities will be. You won't be multitasking during this video - at least not if you want to absorb the massive amount of data and great insights being shared in just 30 minutes. Enjoy !