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Adding a country [Poland] and an interview [Computerworld]

Jurgen Lison ALU Computerworld I had never been to Poland, so a speaking slot at the Computerworld Broadband Conference on November 23, 2010 was a nice opportunity to change that, and add that country to my Click here to read more »

First row @ Absynthe Minded [Square Brussels; November 8th, 2010]

Absynthe Minded Interculturele Dialoog
Yesterday I ended up on the first row of an Absynthe Minded concert - place to be was Brussels' Square center (a new downtown expo center at the 'Kunstberg' close to the central station). Click here to read more »

Halloween in Belgium - Yes, we can ! [October 30, 2010]

Halloween Pictures Party of the Undead Disappointed there are no great Halloween events in Belgium ? Well, don't just sit there until someone else fixes that issue - but throw a nice party yourself. That's what we did last Saturday... "The Party for the Undead" on Halloween's eve in Brussels !

Phantom in Paris [October 28th, 2010]

Broadband World Forum Innovation Award
Returned home from the Broadband World Forum (BWF) in Paris... with the Infovision Broadband Innovation Award for Alcatel-Lucent's Phantom Mode technology - a nice reward for our Fixed Access and BellLabs teams, who continue to deliver advances in Broadband technology... Click here to read more »

Need Tickets: Ozark Henry @ Radio 1 on Oct 15

Do you have tickets for the Radio 1 session of Ozark Henry on Friday, October 15, in Brussels ? Then please please contact me - drop me an email at jurgen_lison (at) or leave a comment on this site (below). I don't know how the available tickets for distributed, but you can do me a *big* favor ! Crossing my fingers... Can I say "please" one more time ?

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