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PIAS Nites Saturday : Faithless [Tour & Taxis Brussels, March 26, 2011]

piasnites saturday faithless
Saturday Night's Faithless concert at Tour & Taxis was the perfect combination of a great band playing one of their final goodbye concerts, the nice Tour & Taxis location and a perfect event organization - a big happy dance party ! Click here to read more »

PIAS Nites Friday : The Perfect Setting [Tour & Taxis Brussels, March 25, 2011]

piasnites brussels
Big thumbs up for the event organization team in charge of the PIAS Nites in Brussels' Tour and Taxis. A job well done - and in line with the event tag-line "Experience Music Differently" ! My favorite band of the evening: Matt & Kim - a very nice surprise as I didn't knew them before ! Click here to read more »

Please ship my iPad v2 now ! (why does it have to take sooo long ?)

ipad v2 apple
Well, I guess that Apple's iPad v2 is a real success... I finally did give in to myself and ordered one on-line, only to find out that I will get it on April 22nd. That's 5 weeks from now ! Wow. Oh yeah, they will ship the cover a few weeks earlier. Why ? That only increases the logistics costs - so do they really have margin to spare ? Looking at the Apple results the answer to that one is an enthousiastic yes. Click here to read more »

Belgium celebrates World Record Negotiating to get a new Government [Ghent, February 17th, 2011]

SEX - S E X is the issue Toasting for Belgium More than 250 days now since the elections in Belgium - and there is still no government. A world record - so time to have a party ! This event made it into the news around the world, making it the cheapest and most effective promotion campaign for Belgium yet. Or how everything has a silver lining ! Click here to read more »

Daan & Isolde Simply Great - [Houthalen February 12, 2011]

daan isolde concert Hurry and book a seat for one of the remaining concerts in Daan's acoustic tour - highlighting his recent album Simple. Daan & Isolde play a very well structured 90 minute set (including encores) mixing own songs with covers in spectacular and unique 'acoustic' versions. Click here to read more »

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