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Daan & Isolde Simply Great - [Houthalen February 12, 2011]

daan isolde concert Hurry and book a seat for one of the remaining concerts in Daan's acoustic tour - highlighting his recent album Simple. Daan & Isolde play a very well structured 90 minute set (including encores) mixing own songs with covers in spectacular and unique 'acoustic' versions.

There is too much use of samples to call this concert 'acoustic', and it sure is way too complicated to all it 'simple'. Isolde plays a variety of instruments throughout the set - while also providing backing vocals (and even lead vocals in the electronic dance classic turned into duet 'Swedish Designer Drugs' - get a preview here:

Some extra concerts were recently added to the tour list - so hurry up and get your tickets for Brussels (April 30th) or Antwerp (May 5th) - or head down to the South of this country where there are still seats available in Libramont and Charlerloi. We went to see the concert in Houthalen - about mid way the tour. Almost a perfect performance - and there is most certainly a danger that it becomes more and more routine and less and less spontaneous/interactive as the tour winds down... But it is certainly a most enjoyable evening. In Houthalen, the playlist included a great version of "Protocol" and a cover of Tim Harden's "Hang on to a Dream"...

Picture by Florence Mahieux on Flickr.

daan simple cd cover Daan's Simple is just one of the great Belgian music releases at the end of 2010 - there are many others like Ozark Henry, Hooverphonic, Amatorski, ....

Daan and Isolde are both

Daan and Isolde are both singer couples who have their best performance whne they go to the stage and they love to sing with passion. They give their solo performance at the Essaybot and winning a prize bond and get many gifts.