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It's the season: great Belgian tunes ...

belgian cd covers 2010
Amatorski - Same Stars We Shared Daan - Simple Hooverphonic - The Night Before Ozark Henry -  Hvelreki

Don't know exactly why just now, but recently a lot of great new Belgian music has been released... Hooverphonic, Ozark Henry & Daan all have worthwhile new albums - and the new singles of Amatorksi, Milow are need-to-haves.

I guess the music industry and artists alike rightfully assume that all of us have just a little more time this time of the year to listen to music (and buy the music on iTunes) ? Or they bet that this is the season where all of us are buying CDs/tunes for the people we love ? Whatever the reasons, make sure you check out these new favorites of mine...

Amatorski's "The King" from the EP Album "Same Stars We Shared" - I trust that Amatorksi will be one of the MIA award winners in early January with their previous single "Come Home". They have a unique sound - the closest other group I can think about comparing them to is Bjork (and that's a compliment!)

Daan's new Album "Simple" has some great acoustic versions of his electro-pop hits like "Victory" and "Swedish Designer drugs". If you know these songs, I'm sure you are puzzled just thinking about how these tunes would be performed without synths and the like. Well, take a listen - you most certainly won't be disappointed.

"The Night before" is both Hooverphonics' new single and CD under the same name. I'm glad Alex found a new muse, Noémie Wolfs, and continues to make great music with Hooverphonic (and as such sideprojects like Hairglow cease to exist). Their music features on just about every US series' soundtrack - and these new songs have the same potential or better.

"Hvelreki" has finally new songs from Ozark Henry - who claims this CD was ready about a year ago, but was put to the side to allow him to spend time with his newborn. Respect. And I do ask myself, if he had not made more money if he had sold the song "This One's For You' to Snow Patrol rather than performing it himself. The song and the sounds have all required to be a worldwide classic - but who knows Ozark Henry outside Belgium ?

Got a taste for even more hip Belgian music ? Check out other releases from the past few months like Selah Sue (Crazy Vibes), Gabriel Rios (Dauphine), Milow (Never Gonna Stop, theme song for Music For Life 2010), Admiral Freebee... yes, it has been a great year for the Belgian Music scene (think Isbells, Absynthe Minded, ...) and it is getting even better in these last few months !