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Ready for a Bed & Breakfast in Key West

Update May 2013... Papa's Bed & Breakfast seems to have been sold... I haven't found the on-line sales record yet, but the listing has been removed, and according to the guests the place is run by other team... On the website it reads... "Please welcome Key West Vacation Rentals as the new management team for Papa’s Hideaway!"

The historic entry... - or if you rather read my tips for visiting Key West then look at "Visit Key West, FL"

Quick gathering page for all information & links related to opening a Bed & Breakfast in Key West... Just a silly thought ?

Papa's Hideaway

Their official website... Papa's Hideaway Website - including a reservation system showing a nicely filled order book.

A good blog discussion on Papa's Hideway... from a real-estate agent

Zillow Listing

TripAdvisor Review of Papa's Hideaway

  • 90% with 44 reviews... Number 29 out of 100 B&Bs at Key West...

Papa's Hideaway at

  • consistent rating 4/5 (i.e. a good place to start)
  • rates $149-$175/night (including breakfast)

About Key West...


General Key West Information and History at Wikipedia

Key West is part of Monroe County. The Key West Chamber of Commerce

Great collection of detailed City Data obtained from various sources. And the Key West US Census Information

Jan. 2011 cost of living index in Key West: 113.4 (more than average, U.S. average is 100)

NAS Key West - This is the main facility on Boca Chica, where the Navy trains its pilots. Staff are housed at Sigsbee Park. In 2006 there were 1,650 active-duty personnel; 2,507 family members; 35 Reserve members; and 1,312 civilians listed at the base.

3 piers for Cruise Ships


Population in July 2009: 22,463.

  • Males: 12,358 (55.0%)
  • Females: 10,105 (45.0%)

Average household size: 2.2 people
Median resident age: 38.9 years

For population 25 years and over in Key West:

  • High school or higher: 84.7%
  • Bachelor's degree or higher: 27.3%
  • Graduate or professional degree: 9.8%
  • Unemployed: 3.0%

Key West compared to Florida state average

  • Median house value significantly above state average.
  • Unemployed percentage below state average.
  • Black race population percentage significantly above state average.
  • Hispanic race population percentage above state average.
  • Median age above state average.
  • Foreign-born population percentage significantly above state average.
  • Renting percentage above state average.
  • Number of rooms per house below state average.
  • House age above state average.


Estimated median household income in 2009: $47,059 (it was $43,021 in 2000)

  • Key West: $47,059
  • Florida: $44,736

Estimated per capita income in 2009: $27,646


Estimated median house or condo value in 2009: $488,410

  • it was $252,700 in 2000
  • Key West: $488,410
  • Florida: $182,400

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