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Li Na: "Can you tell the Chinese, don't teach me how to play tennis?" [Australian Open Finals, 2011.01.29]

Li Na US OpenKim Clijsters US Open
While Kim beat Li Na to win her first Australian open title, Li Na's quote "Can you tell the Chinese, don't teach me how to play tennis?" was already going around the world and made it straight into the Forbes Billionaires's Quotes. Click here to read more »

Geert Hoste: no Nespresso for me !

geert hoste vulkaan During his Brussels' show Wednesday December 29th, Geert Hoste took about 10 minutes to bash Nespresso, the availability of the "capsules" and their customer service - ending this section of his show with the statement that anybody who wants a Nespresso machine can come and pick-up his. I wonder if this anti-Nespresso sketch will make it into the TV show which airs January 1st (een). Click here to read more »

Milow copies himself... two year old song released as "new" single "Never Gonna Stop"

Never Gonna Stop CDSMilow's new (?!) Never Gonna Stop is a copy of the Snoop Dogg "Drop It Like It's Hot" cover he performed over two years ago at a radio station. Here's the video and audio comparison Click here to read more »

It's the season: great Belgian tunes ...

belgian cd covers 2010
Amatorski - Same Stars We Shared Daan - Simple Hooverphonic - The Night Before Ozark Henry -  Hvelreki

Don't know exactly why just now, but recently a lot of great new Belgian music has been released... Hooverphonic, Ozark Henry & Daan all have worthwhile new albums - and the new singles of Amatorksi, Milow are need-to-haves. Click here to read more »

An evening full of energy [Macy Gray @ AB, 2010.11.28]

ab macy gray concert pictureMacy Gray's concert at AB Brussels was a great party - despite her own appearance. The playlist included some surprising covers... Nothing Else Matters (Metallica), We Are The Champions (Queen), Creep (Radiohead), etc. Click here to read more »

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