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Milow copies himself... two year old song released as "new" single "Never Gonna Stop"

Never Gonna Stop CDSMilow's new (?!) Never Gonna Stop is a copy of the Snoop Dogg "Drop It Like It's Hot" cover he performed over two years ago at a radio station. Here's the video and audio comparison

On 12/1/2010, the single Never Gonna Stop was revealed in Belgium. Between December 2010 and February 2011 all proceeds from this single will go to benefit Music For Life 2010 - the charity action of Studio Brussel. The single also was announced as "the 1st single from the forthcoming album North and South" and on Milow's Own Site was reads on 29/11 ...Milow has written and recorded a brand new song, Never Gonna Stop, ... The track itself will be released on Wednesday, December 1.

But... here is the rub. On November 11 2008, Milow performed almost exactly the same song (smae music, but different lyrics) in the show GI:EL at 3FM. Take a look at the official life recording from more than two years ago (the songs starts 41 seconds into the video):

In this video, Milow is asked to cover the Snoop Dogg song "Drop It Like It's Hot". So he "invents" this acoustic version of the song with the Snoop lyrics. Now, this is exactly the music he now uses with different lyrics for the song "Never Gonna Stop". Check it out for yourself with the link above (old version) and the "official" and "new" video version of the song:

Just to be clear... I do like the "Never Gonna Stop" track - and knowing that it started out as a cover of "Drop It Like It's Hot" by Snoop Dogg makes it even more interesting !

Enjoy !

PS: there is also a nice video of the "old version" of the Milow song: