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First row @ Absynthe Minded [Square Brussels; November 8th, 2010]

Absynthe Minded Interculturele Dialoog
Yesterday I ended up on the first row of an Absynthe Minded concert - place to be was Brussels' Square center (a new downtown expo center at the 'Kunstberg' close to the central station).

Opening act was Joshua - so together these two bands were the perfect play-list to close on the Rondetafels van de Interculturaliteit - a government initiative. So in order to spend their budget, they threw a party (free drinks in real glasses, free entrance, nice location in downtown Brussels, one Flemish and one Walloon band, ...). Fortunately we got invited, so it doesn't entirely feel like the government is wasting my tax Euro's... Anyhow, Absynthe Minded played a well oiled set... unfortunately in front of not too many people. They are most certainly ready to start their German Rock tour - as a new team of Belgian Ambassadors. The wall of sound they created in songs like 'Multiple Choice' and 'Fill Me Up' even made me think a bit of our former rock-ambassadors, Deus.

Oh yeah, I would almost forget about it... Here is the full report of this Intercultural Workshop and their recommendations.