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A day at... The "Olmense Zoo"

Well, you might have heard stories about the "Olmense Zoo". And you might have never been there. That's exactly how I felt just a few days ago. But after spending last Sunday in this animal park, I do have a very positive impression of this animal park. Yes, it is bigger than expected. The animals and their cages look well maintained - which is true for the entire park. Someone is definitely spending time and money to keep this up. But enough said... Click here to read more »

BiFFF 2010 - Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival

Well... the first information on the 2010 edition of the Brussels Fantastic Film festival is availavle... and it is the cute new poster. More information to follow soon.... so keep an eye on the BiFFF website. Click here to read more »

Villo! In Brussels

Looking for a way to speed through the Brussel's streets - at virtually no cost ? Try Villo a new service launched by JC Decaux together with the City of Brussels. You pick up a bike from any of 180 (!) stations in downtown Brussels - and drop it off at any of these stations. Click here to read more »

Let's get this website RE-started

Well, I decided to experiment a bit with the latest version of the Drupal Content Management System (CMS). So I've been having a few hours of fun installing and configuring the basic Drupal site. Tip: if you like to try that as well, may I suggest you want to do this on a rainy day !

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