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Villo! In Brussels

Looking for a way to speed through the Brussel's streets - at virtually no cost ? Try Villo a new service launched by JC Decaux together with the City of Brussels. You pick up a bike from any of 180 (!) stations in downtown Brussels - and drop it off at any of these stations.

If you use the bike for 30 minutes or less it is free. The only catch: you need to buy a ticket valid for 1, 7 or 365 days which gives you access to the system. But then again... a yearly pass is just 30 Euro - and for that amount of money you have a bike always waiting for you - anywhere in town. And you don't have to worry about flats, theft, ... as long as you put the bike in one of these 180 stations all maintenance is included in that price.

Check it out - Villo.

Negatives ? Their customer service is slow (it took more than 3 weeks to obtain my yearly pass after I paid) - and the written communication is not exactly frequently updated or good quality Dutch.

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