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Way to go Stella - Inbev !

belgian beer cafe dfw

While I was stuck in DFW airport today... I came a cross the "Inbev" Belgian Beer Cafe Transit... only Belgian beers, only Inbev beers: Stella, Leffe, Hoegaarden - draft !

So the invasion of the various Inbev brands throughout the US is continuing - with those different beers finding themselves a place in the market next to the US brands brewed and marketed by the same people (Budweiser, Michelob, Labatt, Rolling Rock, Busch, ...). No Jupiler though - neither any of the other Belgian brands from Interbrew/Inbev (Vieux-Temps, Belle-Vue, ...) so it looks like someone did think long and hard about the concept and the selection... and now it's time for the roll-out.

DFW = Dallas FOrt-Worth, Texas, USA - my home airport.

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