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Bocconi... nice restaurant, great food, but... under par service‎

Last Tuesday we had dinner at Bocconi with a group of 6 people. Bocconi is a nice Italian restaurant, part of the 5-star Hotel Amigo adjacent to the Grand Market place in Brussels. The food was simply great - a wide selection of nice combinations, prepared with quality ingredients and very tasty (I had sole with Belgian endive and schrimp, calamares with artichokes as a starter, and black current & strawberry ice cream as desert). Click here to read more »

La Crèche des Artistes - my favorite Italian restaurant in Brussels

I used to have a favorite Italian restaurant in Brussels... a small family place, where the chef would suggest something and I would just say yes. But Dameo is no more, so I needed a new place. And I found one. After several visits I feel comfortable to call La Crèche des Artistes my new favorite Italian place in Brussels. Click here to read more »

Google getting into the Fiber-To-The-Home deployments ?

Google getting into the Fiber-To-The-Home Business ? I have no doubt that they are serious about it. They have the money, the know-how and more importantly they have some very good reasons. Some very valuable points they want to prove to the US regulators and the US operators. But before I comment on their serious plans, let's take a look at Google's first attempt to enter the Fiber-To-The-User (FTTU) business, an initiative they launched on April 1st, 2007 and which was supposed to bring a self-install fiber connection to everyone. The system was called TiSP and you can download the Google FTTU TiSP description here and even the Google FTTU TiSP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - have fun.

Now, let's get serious. Here is the official Google Statement. .

And to know my opinion on Google's plans... Click here to read more »

Champagne only comes from Champagne, France

The Champagne Bureau has stepped up their efforts to inform and mobilize people in the US to sign the 'Protect Wine Place & Origin' Petition. In short: a law proposal that would enforce that Champagne can only come from the Champagne region in France, and Napa wine only out of California in the US. A no brainer ? Well, apparantly not, as this has been going on way too long... Click here to read more »

Custom Starbucks Store & Rewards Card

starbucks-logo_0.jpgstarbucks custom gift card
In December, Starbucks has launched their new "rewards card" which is combined with the "gift" or "debit" card... and even better: you can create your own custom Starbucks Card and load it with any debit value... Click here to read more »

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