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AB Club 2010.10.06: Luc De Vos

Luc De Vos Gezopen CD EP Yesterday evening was the start of Luc De Vos' solo-tour in a not sold-out AB Club. An entertaining evening, which failed to become a memorable concert. Click here to read more »

This tour is run by Belgians... [U2 in Brussels, 2010.09.22]

U2 Brussels Bono

You think we are an Irish band... and we are. But this tour is run by Belgians. This tour was build in Werchter. This is our homecoming. Nice and strong words from Bono during U2's sold out performance in front of 70,000 people in Brussels' soccer stadium yesterday evening. Click here to read more »

150% Natalia @ Viage Casino 2010.08.29

Natalia did one more "farewell concert" in the Viage Casino Brussels before leaving to try her luck in United States - and she definitely gave it her best shot. Click here to read more »

Back from a great vacation in Aruba

Aruba Vacation Collage
Looking for a worry free vacation - nice and dependable weather, friendly people, quality accomodations, great food, etc ? Well, I certainly can recommend a trip to Aruba to fix that need. We spend 11 days on the island, and you can see some of our pictures in
this Flickr Aruba set.

Casa Blanca 2010 - Novastar rules !

Casa Blanca Festival Collage

Was 2010 the last year the Casa Blanca Festival was free ? Free as in: -0- entrance fee to see Customs, Novastar, Opposites, Vaya Con Dios and The Scene all on one and the same evening ? I think so. The festival has grown rapidly over the past few years, and now sp Click here to read more »

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