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This tour is run by Belgians... [U2 in Brussels, 2010.09.22]

U2 Brussels Bono

You think we are an Irish band... and we are. But this tour is run by Belgians. This tour was build in Werchter. This is our homecoming. Nice and strong words from Bono during U2's sold out performance in front of 70,000 people in Brussels' soccer stadium yesterday evening.

Some concerts are great because they exceed your expectations - some concerts are great because they meet the very high expectations you had when you walked in the venue. And this concert was in the second category. The immense podium construction (Hedwig De Meyer, Stageco, BE), the amazing videoshow (XL Video, BE) and transforming videoscreens (Tait Technologies and Barco, BE), the setlist with a best-of feeling, the nice Belgian summer evening... and of course U2 themselves: it all came together yesterday evening. Glad I was there !

Foto door Alex Vanhee voor De Morgen