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So much for the weekend... [April 23-25th]


Weekends are supposed to be fun. So how about throwing a party on Friday, attending a concert on Saturday, and some outlet shopping on Sunday ? Check, check, and check. Add some great friends - and it sounds like the recipe for a great weekend. And it was.

We used our time in Raleigh to get together with our neighbors and some friends - enjoying sunny summer cocktails on a Friday evening. Next, we drove down to Atlanta on Saturday to stay over with friends and go and see Daryl Hall and John Oates in Chastain Park in Atlanta. Granted, Hall & Oates are no Modern Rock and no longer the Blue Eyed Soul duo they used to be. In fact, if they would have an expiration date it would likely already be passed. But in a rain flooded Chastain Park Amphitheater it was still a very enjoyable evening. And driving back from Atlanta we couldn't help but stop by the Dawsonville Georgia Premium Outlets - certainly one of the best Outlet Malls in terms of store selection !

So let's try to make the next weekends just as much fun filled.