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Casa Blanca 2010 - Novastar rules !

Casa Blanca Festival Collage

Was 2010 the last year the Casa Blanca Festival was free ? Free as in: -0- entrance fee to see Customs, Novastar, Opposites, Vaya Con Dios and The Scene all on one and the same evening ? I think so. The festival has grown rapidly over the past few years, and now sp

ans four days with a large variety of acts. So the total cost to organize this must be pretty substantial. And what happens when it rains, like it did on Saturday August 7th ? Right, almost nobody as you can see in the pictures above - and that was 30 minutes before Novastar would start ! Novastar was great by the way - with Joost doing just about anything to keep things moving, and that includes jumping the piano as you can see in the pictures. And for sure the technician of that evening didn't have a great day (I wouldn't like to have been there during the debrief !) as just about everything went wrong what technically could go wrong. And still it was a great gig - in contrast with the Vaya Con Dios show, which really couldn't move the crowd. Customs played a tight set, The Scene showed hours late, and did OK - but not much more than that despite the presence of the ex-Anouk guitar player. See you next year... and I hope it will still be free entrance !