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AB Club 2010.10.06: Luc De Vos

Luc De Vos Gezopen CD EP Yesterday evening was the start of Luc De Vos' solo-tour in a not sold-out AB Club. An entertaining evening, which failed to become a memorable concert. Luc prooved once more that he sure knows how to play the guitar, easily interacts with the crowd, and has a number of great songs - but the spark was missing. A missed opportunity, as the crowd, the venue, the sound, etc were all set to make this a truly fantastic evening. His 90 solo minutes were concluded with an electric guitar version of Mia - the only encore song of the evening.

In the announcement of this solo-project, Luc stated he would play some new and old songs (he did: Lieve Kleine Piranha and Die Valse Teef, Gorky - Gorki en Luc songs), some tops and flops (and he did), read some column (he read two of them: sex and about not being a honorary citizen of Gent) and play one cover (which was limited to a short electric guitar cover). The EP CD Ik Heb In Mijn Jeugd Als Een Beest Gezopen was the 'reason' for this solo-concert-tour.

Boterhammen (with Rick De Leeuw) remains one of my all-time favorite CD's, the AB Club is simply the best intimate concert venue - but the real chemistry was missing yesterday evening.