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La Crèche des Artistes - my favorite Italian restaurant in Brussels

I used to have a favorite Italian restaurant in Brussels... a small family place, where the chef would suggest something and I would just say yes. But Dameo is no more, so I needed a new place. And I found one. After several visits I feel comfortable to call La Crèche des Artistes my new favorite Italian place in Brussels.

La Crèche is for sure the friendliest restaurant in town - and a great place to go back to and taste the new suggestions listed on the blackbord. Great service, only fresh ingredients prepared to order, good wines at reasonable prices, ... I just can't find any negatives at all - or perhaps I should point out that the tables are a bit close together, so it is a bit noisy and it certainly is not the place for a confidential business dinner. Just a few extra tips:

  • You do need reservations if you want to have some of the few seats in this small restaurant - unless you are ok with going down to the extra seating in the cellar (I wouldn't recommend it).
  • Street parking closeby is limited and unlikely to be available. Just one block away is a public parking (looks a bit run down, but has on-site management).