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Funky fully automated light switches - direct from your phone

bright light switches bluetooth iphone

Sexy light switches - for a low price... for the first people backing the company and the product... I ordered mine (February 2014)...

The full product description is available on the Indiegogo campaign page.

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At the end of 1Q2015... when

At the end of 1Q2015... when per the October communication of bRight the switches would finally ship... but surprise: a new delay is being announced just now. Just a few days before the generous deadline of "Q1 2015"... oops reset... new target: mid year 2015.

Manufacturing/Delivery Update

Hello to All bRight Switchers!

The primary topic of this update is the move to manufacturing and the delivery dates for bRight Switch.

Where things stand today

In order to ensure a low cost for bRight Switch, we sourced many aspects of the production and approvals offshore. In some cases this has worked out perfectly. As shown in our last update, the electronics, Android software, and large portions of the bRight Switch software have all been completed successfully off-shore.

However, the off-shore sources for plastic, metal and approvals have not lived up to our strict requirements. Therefore, we are forced to bring these aspects back to the United States. In short, we are bringing large pieces of manufacturing back under our local control.

What this means for you, our supporters

What this means is that unfortunately, we will need more time. But it also means we will be able to deliver a better, more reliable and proven product. We apologize for this delay, but thank each of you for your patience and belief in bRight Switch! Currently we expect a mid-year 2015 delivery window.

We will of course continue to update everyone on a monthly basis as we move forward. Our dedication to bRight Switch is unwavering, and we will continue to move it forward as fast as we can. Our sincere hope is that each of you can continue to stay with us as we make this transition. However, we understand that may not be possible for all of you. If so, and if you require your funds returned, please let us know via email at (Include your name, address and the email that was used for your pledge or pre-order--if you have your order number include that as well.)

bRight Switch is a revolutionary product. It has required breakthroughs in software and hardware engineering to provide a vast amount of functionality at a fantastic price. Because of each of you it is now almost a reality. We have only some final steps to move it into full production.

Thank you for all you have done. We hope you will stay with us to see this product delivered.

Just remember... Bright Lightswitches... Ordered and paid in February 2014, promised to deliver in October 2014... in October 2014 rescheduled for 1Q2015 and now... "mid year 2015 delivery"...

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More bRightswitch product

More bRightswitch product delays...

Well... like so many Kickstarter and indiegogo campaigns... also this one is chronically delayed...

I ordered the product in February 2014... At that time, the promise was... After funding, we expect to start deliveries in October of 2014.

But according to the bRight website now, the shipping date has been moved to 1Q 2015" : "Anticipated ship date for bRight Switch, bRight Switch bLue and bRight Switch sLim is Q1 2015."