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How many covers can fit into a single song ? [Bruno Mars - Locked Out of Heaven]

How many riffs and hooks from other songs can you fit into a new pop song ? Bruno Mars is trying to break the record in his new track "Locked Out Of Heaven" - before you ever get to the chorus of this song you will be thinking about plenty of older hits from which bits and pieces have been carefully selected... and all together this makes for a perfect pop song !

A quick rundown... and feel free to add more using the comments section below... (all timestamps refer to the videoclip version as posted on YouTube with the link above)

  • From the first seconds, you can hear the guitar riffs from The Romantics' "Talking in your Sleep"
  • Listen to the beat in seconds 29-31 (and many others): straight from Michael Jackson's "Beat It"
  • How many times would you like to start singing "Roxanne" from The Police ? Start for example at 1:24-1:28.
  • Do you concentrate on the vocals ? Then listen to The Outfield's "Your Love" starting at about 28 seconds into their sog you can hear the clear similarities with Bruno at 19 seconds into his song...

All in all a very well crafted and catchy song... thanks to all these riffs, a great build up, and a perfect production job of Mark Ronson (Remember Amy Winehouse, the come back of Boy George with 'Somebody To Love Me" and his cover album "version" with remade 80's classics like "Stop Me", "The Only One I Know" etc.)

And in case you want to listen (and sing along) with a piano instrumental cover of Bruno's song... enjoy this one :