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PIAS Nites Saturday : Faithless [Tour & Taxis Brussels, March 26, 2011]

piasnites saturday faithless
Saturday Night's Faithless concert at Tour & Taxis was the perfect combination of a great band playing one of their final goodbye concerts, the nice Tour & Taxis location and a perfect event organization - a big happy dance party !

Saturday night's concert was one of the final Faithless concerts after their recent announcement they call it a day. Amazingly enough, the event was not sold out - which puzzles me. The location is significantly smaller than "Het Sportpaleis" where they played their previous Belgian concert. Was it the marketing ? The 46 Euro ticket price ? The location ?

Anyhow, standing about 18 people deep from center stage, I had a blast - a 2 hour workout as it was simply impossible to keep still (but I have no clue why you would try to stay still listening to their amazing dance tracks). Their biggest hits were sprinkled across the entire set, with 'God is a DJ' amazingly early in the set, 'We Come 1' as the final encore song - and all other classics somewhere in between.

The PIAS nights are an organization of PIAS Records, short for Play It Again Sam. They have a long history in dance music and a great list of bands that pay tribute to the label... read more about them at Wikipedia. Soulwax, Editors, Joan as a Policewoman, ... and even the latest release from Moby all originate from this originally Brussels' based label.