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[AP] Sherlock Holmes @ Metropolis Antwerp

Yesterday evening, P-Magazine hosted the Avant-Premiere of the Sherlock Holmes movie in Metropolis Antwerp. Guy Ritchie did a very nice job in picturing Watson and Holmes - and the setting & photography of the movie is just fantastic. An entertaining two hours with a star performance by Robert Downey Junior (remember the AD/AD boyfriend of Ally McBeal). For sure to be seen on a large screen with surround sound - as the action scenes are all over ! Click here to read more »

NYE @ Sportpaleis w/ Natalia and Clouseau

oudejaarsconcert sportpaleis Antwerpen
The "biggest" New Years Eve (NYE) party was supposed to be in the Antwerp Sportpaleis - hosted by the TV-channel "een" and headlined by Clouseau and Natalia. Allthough both have filled this venue multiple times over the past year, they didn't manage to fill more than one quarter of the venue's capacity on this special night... Click here to read more »

Franco Dragone's "cadeau" for the New Year...

KDO Banner
If you live in Belgium you certainly noticed the marketing blizz for KDO (pronounced 'Cadeau') over the past months. Positioned as a must-see event directed by 'our own' Franco Dragone this show is playing in Belgium's largest and least convenient theater: Vorst Nationaal (FN). We went to see Kdo yesterday evening... so was it worth it ? Click here to read more »

Geert Hoste Regeert 2009 - Brussels

Geert Hoste Regeert 2009 Brussel
Yesterday evening was the first out of two evenings for Geert Hoste to perform in Brussels - and it turned out to be a great show ! The formule is getting a bit old (stand-up comedian reviews the past year's events with a strong focus on local politics and closes with a funny song), but the execution remains flawless... Click here to read more »

Lumoza... Interesting Technology for all of us

lumoza muurlumoza legend dvd case
Lumoza is the name of a new spin-off company, focused on the plastic-type materials which can be used to print electronic display circuits. Think about a thin plastic material which is being used to display any kind of (animated) graphic, and which you can use to shrink wrap any object. Or think bigger, and use this material to cover walls and ceilings and have a indirect light source. Click here to read more »

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