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Geert Hoste Regeert 2009 - Brussels

Geert Hoste Regeert 2009 Brussel
Yesterday evening was the first out of two evenings for Geert Hoste to perform in Brussels - and it turned out to be a great show ! The formule is getting a bit old (stand-up comedian reviews the past year's events with a strong focus on local politics and closes with a funny song), but the execution remains flawless...

Bozar (PSK) is the traditional host for Geert's performance in Brussels - accomodating about 2000 people each evening in the impressive "Henry le Bœufzaal". The performance in Brussels is typically the one used for the TV and DVD recordings - and that wasn't any different this year. A large number of local celebreties attended the show yesterday Look at the pictures here.. I just can't imagine how it feels to be sitting in the audience and being made fun of in front of a live audience and knowing that your face will be in close-up on TV as backdrop to the joke. Well, I guess it isn't fun being Kris Peeters, Bart De Wever or Herman Van Rompuy any day of the year - but especially not during Geert's show.

Check here for a quick preview !

[update on January 2nd, 2010] The show aired on TV-Channel "een" on January 1st - and apparantly we got really great seats (middle of the 14th row) and we were in view of the camera's multiple times during the broadcast !