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Belgian pride in a charming Paris location... Trixie Whitley Thursday June 27th 2013

Famous and popular in Belgium - but hardly 300 fans showed in Paris for Trixie's concert on Thursday - the great news about that: a nice and authentic theater venue, with room to breathe, and a very enjoyable performance !

trixie whitley Le Divan Du Monde

The only minus points for this very nice evening... (1) even with temperatures at a summer low in Paris, the venue was hot and (2) someone should have a hard word with the sound technicians, as multiple songs suffered in an extreme way from mobile interference sounds amplified through the speakers - a small wonder that the band actually played through this. So if "the largest small venue" in Paris - Le Divan Du Monde - wants to continue hosting great performances they really should get this fixed.

The video above is the second "encore" song - titled "Surrender" - clearly a new song for the band to perform as they announced before getting started, and obvious when you hear Trixie giving instructions to the musicians as they play along. Also note the guitar player doing very well despite the cast on his right arm... and the mesmerized drummer.

More video from the Paris concert on 6/27/2013:

Trixie Whitley forced a real breakthrough with the song "Need Your Love" and confirmed her hit potential with "Breathe You In My Dreams" - both from the "Four Corners" CD released earlier this year. She has been doing an impressive tour - before starting the summer festival series during which she will be very busy

tourdates Trixie Whitley

four corners Trixie

More Information:

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