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Happy New Year 2014

collage 2014 start [click picture to enlarge]

Welcome to 2014... a brand new year, and we are totally ready for it... For starters... we created a brand new cocktail which you might want to try...


You can find the instructions to make this specialty martini at home Right here. Feedback welcome.

roller 2013 - 2014

This was Jonas' third Christmas... and here are the pictures of his three encounters with Santa Claus...

xmas-3-years [click picture to enlarge]

Read more [requires registration / login] about Jonas and Santa 2013 (Dallas), Jonas and Santa 2012 (Dallas), and Jonas and Santa 2011 (Raleigh).

Want to know a bit more about the creation of our Holiday Greeting Cards 2014 ? Read to story here.

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And ... you can also take a look at our Holiday cards from last year... (New Year 2013)

Season's Greetings 2012-2013