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Season's Greetings 2012-2013

Season's Greetings 2012-2013

Wishing you and your family all the best this season
and throughout the coming year 2013.
As of May 2012 we moved (yet again)... please read on for the full story !

1997 USA California San Ramon
We moved from Brussels to San Ramon,
California for a two year project.
Our first experience of living in the USA
and we enjoyed Californian living to the fullest.

2000 USA North Carolina Raleigh
After two years on the West Coast,
it was time to get a taste of the East
Coast. We moved to Raleigh, North Carolina
in December 1999 and learned all about
the Southern hospitality.
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2008 Belgium Brussels
Belgium is calling.
After 9 great years in the US,
it was time to continue our story in Belgium.
First we got a taste of downtown Antwerp.
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Then in 2008, we moved to downtown Brussels.
And in 2011, we welcomed Jonas into
our lives.

2012 USA Texas McKinney
Earlier this year, we picked up our bags
again and moved back to the US, this
time the Texan way.
We traded downtown living for the suburbs.
CNN Money magazine rated our town as the
second best place to live in the US.
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Jonas is the star of the front of this
Season's Greetings card... and of our home.
He was born in April 2011, and this picture was
taken in front of our home during Halloween 2012
when he was just 18 months.

More pictures of Jonas @ Halloween 2012:
Jonas in front of our home Jonas Hat in Hand

You can also view our Season Greetings card in a more traditional format.
Click the links below and a new window will pop up.
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Places where we have lived (the full story)

worldmap where we lived
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You can find our contact details here.


The production of the cards was done through Minted . Com - an online design and printing company - check them out if you need well designed stationary!

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