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Rent-A-Bike in Brussels - Villo Part 2

This weekend everyone seems to be talking about the success of Villo - the rent-a-bike stations which have popped-up everywhere in downtown Brussels. Because of the free subscriptions until January 1st, 2011 and a great marketing campaign, Villo has been able to grow its subscriber base big time over the past few months. So, time for VRT De Redactie to do a news-item, and yes, they picked me for their interview session :-).

A copy of the De Redactie Flash Movie is located here. My prior article on the Villo service is still available here.

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Well, at the 7pm news they

Well, at the 7pm news they cut the movie differently... here's the new link VRT De Redactie 7pm Villo Interview - and the archived 7/18/2010 7pm flash movie is here.