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Adding to the 2015 concert list... George Ezra and Ariana Grande

concerts Dallas October 2015

After about three years in Dallas, it was long overdue to experience a concert in The House of Blues. George Ezra was a good match on the venue. The same was not true for Ariana Grande, who couldn't fill (neither impress) the American Airlines Center (AAC, Dallas)...

George Ezra played before a sold-out crowd at the Dallas House Of Blues on October 4th, right after his gig at the Austin City Limits festival. We were lucky as we received invitations to the HoB Foundation Room, which presented us with easy access to the venue (no lines), some nice pre-concert drinks and food (again: no lines, great service) and a comfortable place to wait for the concert to start. There are no bad seats in the HoB... we enjoyed the concert from the balcony, and saw George Ezra playing most of his recent CD. Notable were of course his mainstream hit "Budapest" (and now I'll remember for a long time his story which goes with this song), and personally I enjoyed his Macy Gray cover, "I Try".

Ariana Grande's concert at Dallas main concert venue, the downtown American Airlines Center, was far from a sell-out. Entire blocks of seats were blacked out with curtains, and the days before the concert the prices on the second hand market plummeted... so we decided to go and see. Ariana's "Honeymoon Tour" has been struggling to sell out - despite her many pop-tune hits. Her opening act, Prince Royce, set the crowd on fire... seldom seen an opening act getting the crowd so into it... And Ariana picked up where he left off, with a spectacular "Bang Bang". Then the show was dialed down a few notches, and it wasn't until the very end ("Break Free" and the encore "Problem") that Ariana managed to excite the crowd again to the same level... (See the full setlist here).

Bottom line... I'll quickly forget Ariana's concert... and we will visit the House of Blues again very shortly... for the James Bay show in November...

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