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NYE @ Sportpaleis w/ Natalia and Clouseau

oudejaarsconcert sportpaleis Antwerpen
The "biggest" New Years Eve (NYE) party was supposed to be in the Antwerp Sportpaleis - hosted by the TV-channel "een" and headlined by Clouseau and Natalia. Allthough both have filled this venue multiple times over the past year, they didn't manage to fill more than one quarter of the venue's capacity on this special night...

Whoever designed the podium setup and lightshow did a great job - because of this design the venue actually did seem "full" (at least on TV). This despite the fact that the upper level was entirely closed, the podium was advanced to about the mid of the room, and the entire "middenplein" was taken up by the podium (which left only about 1,000 people in total with free standing room tickets). Many "invitations" were handed out through contests ('Radio 2') but even with all this, there were a significant amount of free seats !

Natalia and Clouseau did deliver an entertaining three hour concert - a bit surprising that they didn't have more "guests" coming over to help them through this TV Show/Live concert. Also very noticeable: there is tension between Kris and Koen Wauters. They didn't interact with one another, didn't even really look at one another. The only exception was during the cover "Rocking all over the World" when they were at least standing face to face to one another, but even then: no eye-contact... more to come ?

Take a look at some pictures

Take a look at some pictures of this event...