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Franco Dragone's "cadeau" for the New Year...

KDO Banner
If you live in Belgium you certainly noticed the marketing blizz for KDO (pronounced 'Cadeau') over the past months. Positioned as a must-see event directed by 'our own' Franco Dragone this show is playing in Belgium's largest and least convenient theater: Vorst Nationaal (FN). We went to see Kdo yesterday evening... so was it worth it ?

Getting to the Vorst Nationaal venue is always an adventure... clogged up roads and no parking (do you know any other concert venue hosting 10,000 spectators with no (I mean zero) parking spaces ?) other than street curb parking. For this show, the stage has been enlarged and the number of seats limited to I guess 4-5000. So if you used the layout on the Sherpa KDO Ticketing Pages to determine where your seats would be you came away disappointed. We bought "Fauteils" in section F - presumably there are two other sections to your left before the stage starts - but in this case we were just about even with the start of the stage ! Fortunately we bought the tickets on Ebay - so at least we didn't spend the 44-60 Euro per ticket for these limited view seats.

On to the show - a collection of various circus, magic and dance acts. All but a few of high artistic level, in an excellent multi-media de decor. For sure a very entertaining spectacle - lasting about 2.5 hours including a 20min break. Some acts were simply amazing (think trapeze) - others should have never made the cut as a stand-alone act (think about the soccer players or the tango dancer).

For sure, KDO does not reach the level of Franco Dragone Cirque de Soleil shows - and even not of his post Cirque's shows like Le Rêve playing at Wynn casino in Las Vegas. These shows are actually an integrated spectacle - with a story line running through the evening. In the case of KDO, the only red herring were the two magicians and the guy standing around in his white pimp suit.

So yes... entertaining - a nice show. No, it's not worth 40 Euro's - especially not in this venue. Great individual performances and a very professional multi-media setting - but missing the real Cirque de Soleil magic and spruce.