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Is Raymond Goethals Alive ? [February 25th, 2012 KVS Brussels]

Raymond KVS Raymond Goethals

Yesterday we went to the premiere in KVS of a theater play depicturing the legendary soccer trainer Raymond Goethals. Josse De Pauw put forward an excellent performance, but did he bring the icon Raymond back to life ? Click here to read more »

Incredible Cover I Follow Rivers (Lykke Li) By Triggerfinger

Wow... Ruben Block and his friends at Triggerfinger once again remodelled a song beyond belief and made a gem out of I Follow Rivers (Lykke Li's hit song). Listen to this great special version of one of the best dance songs of 2011, but also take a close look at the video: a great way to make music ! Click here to read more »

So now that you've read the official Steve Jobs

Apple logo Steve Jobs Steve-Jobs-By-Walter-Isaacson bio

On February 9th, the FBI released their background check report on Steve Jobs - commissioned by George Bush when he considered the Apple leader for a government assignment. And this reports reads a bit different than the Official Steve Jobs Biography. Want to learn a few new things about him ? Click here to read more »

Storify... A successful Belgian venture in Silicon Valley's Internet world

storify logo spotify office

Curation is the new buzz word for Internet Publishers and Ventures alike... and at the middle of the storm is a small Belgian led startup company in the Valley: Storify, a service used by high profile companies as the Whitehouse, Le Soir, The Wall Street Journal, The Weather Channel, ... Click here to read more »

Is January 10th too late for a New Year's resolution ?

run 20120110 nike+ Of course January 10th is not too late to set goals... so here goes mine... after completing my first run of 2012 today, I decided I needed to step it up - and complete at least one run of minimum 10km a week. Today's run was most certainly not stellar... even though it was powered by the sounds of "Clubbing With A Bush 10". Click here to read more »

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