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Storify... A successful Belgian venture in Silicon Valley's Internet world

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Curation is the new buzz word for Internet Publishers and Ventures alike... and at the middle of the storm is a small Belgian led startup company in the Valley: Storify, a service used by high profile companies as the Whitehouse, Le Soir, The Wall Street Journal, The Weather Channel, ...

Curating is about collecting, putting together all kind of things related to a specific topic. It's about collecting, but just about as much about sharing. Something we would have called scrapbooking before, an activity you would do in a shoebox or a hobby room. But now, that's moving onto the Internet. Big time. Collecting stories and pictures about a specific topic or news article. Get people's structured feedback on a serious topic, or just share your special interest topic with the world. That's the kind of activities various startup companies would like you to engage with on the internet - using their tools and/or website.

Spotify is one of them. A special one - because of many reasons. Because it is run by only seven people (that includes the engineers building the site and the tools) - despite having raised several millions in funding. Because it has many high profile customers using the Spotify site and software. Because it is free. As in: it costs nothing for anybody to use this digital multimedia board. And it has no advertising to distract your or your users away from the content. That's like double free.

Check it out yourself at storify dot com and create a new topic, participate in a developing story, or just browse your story on interest. Or read about the biggest online topic at this time: SOPA and PIPA anti-piracy law proposals in the US and the take-down of the MegaUpload service. And experience the nice technology that brings all of the artifacts and opinions together, in a visually attractive and structured way. And think about the possibilities for this kind of service - and for this little startup company.

Not convinced that curation is (one of the) next big thing ? Well, some of the bigger players are... earlier this week, Linked-In acquired another small but active player in this field, Canadian Startup Summify, only to acquire the "human capital" as the website service of the company was shut down as part of the acquisition...

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So much for Storify with

So much for Storify with Belgian CEO Xavier Damman... as they were acquired by Livefyre. For now, the full team has been integrated into the acquiring company, including Xavier.