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Looking for an iTunes Lyrics Grabber which automatically fills in sing-s-long song texts in your library ?

Yes - I finally found an elegant Windows program which adds the lyrics to my thousands of iTunes songs - read-on !

iTunes Lyric grabbers come and go... and it's clear that neither the lyrics databases neither Apple like them very much... However, I finally have found one which continues to work, has a good database to retrieve lyrics, doesn't crash with a library of 30,000+ songs, etc.

Can it be improved ? Sure (see list below), but download this (absolutely free) small 2Mb opensource application, and have fun. You will automatically find the lyrics for most songs in your library. Once your lyrics are updated in your library, they will automatically be copied to your iphone/ipad when you sync music to them - so enjoy !

Improvements wanted...

  • The application doesn't really have any flexibility in the spelling of the name of the song and the artist - they have to be 100% correct. This likely will require some (manual) cleaning up of your library song information to find all possible lyrics.
  • No choice in case of conflicting choices... when there are multiple versions of a song by the same artist, there are no options to let you pick different lyrics.
  • The application offers an overwrite option (replace existing lyrics) but does not offer a pop-up to choose per song (i.e. it's all or nothing)
  • Stability

Stunningly its seems like to

Stunningly its seems like to be Apple iTunes could at some point proposing to fill in the verses for the tunes in our libraries Luke Bryan American Idol Jacket Apple Music reported an organization with Virtuoso an incredible wellspring of verses embraced by numerous artists

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Even better news... looks

Even better news... looks like Apple iTunes might sometime soon offering to fill in the lyrics for the songs in our libraries... Apple Music announced a partnership with Genius - an excellent source of lyrics endorsed by many artists (and you will even find great annotations with most lyrics in their database). For now, the agreement seems limited to provide lyrics to the songs you play in Apple's own Music service (as a competitor to Spotify and Pandora) but who knows when they might decide to offer the lyrics to your entire iTunes library pretty much just like the provide the cover art today...

The announcement: