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So now that you've read the official Steve Jobs

fbi report steve jobs cover

Apple logo Steve Jobs Steve-Jobs-By-Walter-Isaacson bio

On February 9th, the FBI released their background check report on Steve Jobs - commissioned by George Bush when he considered the Apple leader for a government administration position (export council). 191 pages and 4 Mb which you can download straight from the FBI Vault as a publicly disclosed document. And this reports reads a bit different than the Official Steve Jobs Biography or the Wikipedia Fan Page. Want to learn a few new things about him ?

But before you have too much fun reading the report... how would a 191 report made based on interviews with your friends, neighbors and colleagues read ? Ever wondered if the FBI has this kind of reports on just about anyone ?

  • "Mr. Jobs will twist the truth and distort reality in order to achieve his goals." - anybody else ?
  • Jobs had a High School 2.65 GPA - so parents: no panic !
  • "Several Individuals Questioned Mr. Jobs' Honesty" - well, have any other CEO ?
  • Steve Jobs used to use LSD and Marijuana... Again, parents: do not panic !

And much more fun in the full report... or read the discussion on Storify