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Is January 10th too late for a New Year's resolution ?

Today, I completed my first run of 2012 today, and it was definitely not stellar. That couldn't really be expected after more than a month of playing couch potatoe. Today's run was powered by the sounds of "Clubbing With A Bush 10" (download link below) - plenty of beats to make you run, you should try it. It rounded km 4 while listening to "Someone That I Used To Know" in some kind of lounge version, and right around km 7 I was served with a remix of Oasis' "Wonderwall" - so check it out.

So I decided I needed to step it up - and complete at least one run of minimum 10km a week. And that should count as my New Year's resolution for 2012. 10km a week, makes 500km for the year... sounds a lot - it really isn't. According to my Apple Ipod Nano with Nike+ sensor I ran the 10km in just over 56 minutes - not great. And: I burned 743 calories... More statistics:

run 20120110 nike+ large

So... if you're around in Paris on Tuesdays, let me know - and you're welcome to challenge me to run faster and further - and share some beats !

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Today was my longest run -

Today was my longest run - yet. More than 15km, and I actually still felt pretty good. Obviously the weather was just perfect, the track through Ter Kameren was just great, and my two compatriots made sure that I didn't slow down at any time during the run (as you will see from the chart below.

20120310 run 15km

Now... the big question... if the weather is nice, will I do the 10K or the half marathon next week in my first running contest in Sluis (NL) ?

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After several weeks of not

Run 18th February Nike Apple

After several weeks of not running (with plenty of excuses) I finally went back to business and accepted an invitation to go running in Brussels largest park & forest: Ter Kamerenbos (the city part of the larger Zonienwoud). The weather was perfect for running, overcast and mildly humid, but it still ended up as a challenging run... after three weeks of non activity, and with plenty of little hills. So.. a bit slower than usual, but almost 12km in an hour and 11 minutes... Tastes like more.

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Here we go again... my run

20120125 Run Paris

Here we go again... my run yesterday knocked just 30 seconds of my previous session of last week. So... a little progress landing me just short of 55min for the full 10km. So... next time I'll try to add some distance - and maintain my 10km time. The most positive point of yesterday's run ? The last kilometer was run in exactly the same time (5'25) as the first kilometer - with kilometer 6 being the slowest one (5'40)and kilometer 4 the quickest (5'15).

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Another week, another run.

20120117 Paris Run

Another week, another run. Another 10km, but in a slightly better time (one minute less) than last week. So... objective met (another 10km week) and a little performance improvement...