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Can you play a single guitar with five people ? Yes, you can !

Cover CDS Walk Of The Earth

One of the biggest hits of 2011, "Someone That I Used To Know" from the Australian Belgian guy Gotye, got a complete make over by the band "Walk Of The Earth". The five people from WOTE make this a very special cover by playing all together a single guitar... yep, that's five people playing a single instrument.

Some background... Gotye is an Australian born in Belgium as Wouter De Backer (Bruges, 1980) - read more on Gotye Wikipedia. Here is the original video and song (more than 34M views on this same day - so still way ahead)

Perhaps I should use this article, posted on January 8th 2012, to give a quick update on another YouTube cover I highlighted in May 2010... a high-school piano cover of Lady Gaga's Paparazzi by Greyson... which has now gathered more than 45 million views !