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The new Paparazzi [the American Dream instigated by Fox Networks]

Michael Greyson's version Pararazzi Here's the story: 12-year old Michael Greyson performs Lady Gaga's Paparazzi at his Sixth Grade School event - an impressive piano driven cover. Solo, in front of his classmates. Someone records it on mobile video, about one million people go look at it on YouTube, and the Fox Networks decides to give this video a spot on their 10pm news. The result: just three days later the online video has 13 million views (and counting), Michael is invited at talkshows, and lives the American Dream.

Jean-Marie Pfaff would call this from Zero to Hero, but this 12 year old guy is just really good. Plays the piano well, has an excellent and flexible voice, and pulls-off this cover in a great way. Go and check it out (click the picture above for the video)!

By now, Michael has his own Wikipedia page, received a call from Lady Gaga herself, ... and this is only the start. Stay tuned.

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Just a quick update... on

Just a quick update... on January 8th 2012, this video had gathered more than 45 million YouTube views, generating a nice paycheck for Greyson ! Want to check out another unique cover on Youtube ? Walk of the Earth's cover of Gotye's Someone That I Used To Know is just very nice and special !

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Want to hear the real Lady

Lady Gaga Monster Tour Live Camden NJ
Want to hear the real Lady Gaga live ? Below are the links to a high quality recording of her full concert:

If you don't have a rapidshare account, it will take a little time to get all three files (260Mb) - if you do you'll have them in less than 10 minutes. Un-Rar them, and enjoy the following tracklist:

01 Intro/Dance in the Dark
02 Just Dance
03 LoveGame
04 Alejandro
05 Don't Call Me Gaga (Intro) & Monster
06 So Happy I Could Die
07 Teeth
08 Speechless
09 Poker Her Face (Feat Kidi Cudi)
10 Fashion
11 The Fame
12 Money Honey
13 Beautiful Dirty Rich
14 Boys Boys Boys
15 Paper Gangsta
16 Poker Face
17 Paparazzi
18 Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)
19 Bad Romance (Outro)

Recorded on December 3rd.

Thank you to the original uploader in Rapidfile !