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Assisting with a wedding @ Brussels Zombie Parade 2012

zombie day 2012 wedding
7th of April was the fourth Brussels Zombie Parade... and just like last year I couldn't resist...

The Brussels Zombie Day Parade is part of the Brussels Internation Fantastic Film Festival (BiFFF) held yearly at Brussels' Tour & Taxis venue.

Poster BiFFF 2012 Zombies-Run zombie-wim-6727 zombieparade2011 bifff

And oh yes, I was there last year as well (read my Zombie Parade 2011 story) :

zombie-parade 2011 brussels wim_6912

2011 Pictures by Fotos_wim @ Flickr (his new website Images by Wim).

See also my own BiFFF and Zombie Parade 2009 pictures.

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Well, someone (Didy B @

Well, someone (Didy B @ Flickr) posted a nice picture of me during the Zombie Parade last weekend...

zombie bw jurgen 2012

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Check out the Zombie Parade

Check out the Zombie Parade Event coverage in the UK's Daily Mail newspaper: a very nice article and some great pictures.

Download the article in pdf

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Take a look at my 2012 BiFFF

Take a look at my 2012 BiFFF Zombie Day Parade Flickr Set at

BiFFF Zombie Day Set @ Flickr