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Fun @ Zombie Day in Brussels [April 9th, 2011]

zombie day 2011 Brussels (click to enlarge)

The Brussels' Zombie Day is becoming a tradition, drawing more and more of a crowd. This year for the fourth edition, more than 1,000 undeads showed up to have a walk in the centre of Brussels. Enjoying the nice weather, peacefully walking the streets/scaring tourists (take your pick) and overall just having a good time. And yes, I was amongst them as you can see in the pictures.

The Zombie Day in Brussels is organized by Zombie Day .Net together with the Brussels International Festival of the Fantastic Film - BiFFF. Zombies like the BiFFF and the BiFFF keeps on inviting the Zombies to return to the festival every year.

Brussels Film Festival

The details of the 2011 event:

  • Make-up from 12am till 3pm at the BIFFF. My make-up (see pictures) was done by the on-site volounteers.
  • Departure from the BIFFF at Tour & Taxis around 3pm, walking to the subway station "Ijzer"m transfering in "Kunst-Wet" and heading down to "Central Station". As always, the subway ride was a blast as you join regular passengers on the trains, who have no clue what is happening to them.
  • Meet all the other zombies, who prepared at home, at "Place de l’Albertine" close to the Central Station in Downtown Brussels - the start of the Brussels' Zombie Parade 2011.
  • Walk through the tourist section of town to get to "Manneke Pis" who was dressed up in a Vampire for the occasion. More tourists to scare. Fun !
  • Finish the parade at the Rouppe Square... a bit less nice than prior end points of the parade. But as the number of participants keeps on growing, I'm sure it is not easy to get a permit to go just about anywhere

I'll post some more pictures into my Flicr account in the next few days !

More information about the event at The Bifff Zombie Site.... See you next year - for the Zombie Parade 2012 !

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