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Please ship my iPad v2 now ! (why does it have to take sooo long ?)

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Well, I guess that Apple's iPad v2 is a real success... I finally did give in to myself and ordered one on-line, only to find out that I will get it on April 22nd. That's 5 weeks from now ! Wow. Oh yeah, they will ship the cover a few weeks earlier. Why ? That only increases the logistics costs - so do they really have margin to spare ? Looking at the Apple results the answer to that one is an enthousiastic yes.

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Apple did get it right with the iPad v2 version. I ordered the WiFi model, which weights only about 600 grams - including a 10 hour battery life. Amazing. And they finally did add a camera (front and back, including HD) so one can use the Facetime application. Just what I wanted. And the flex-cover is just a nice money making machine... some plastic and a few magnets, for a $36 price tag. Yeah, that's why they can afford to ship it separately so I can watch the cover for full three weeks before my iPad arrives.

According to people familiar with the industry, my $499 iPad costs Apple less than $320 to build...

In the mean time, I'm waiting for the postman to ring !

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Since I got my iPad, I am

Since I got my iPad, I am buying more and more Apple products... almost like "An Apple a Day keeps...". Why ? Because it all fits so damn well together - making it easy to share music and video's across the home - connecting the iPad to the iTunes PC library, streaming video's and pictures from the iPad to the TV screen using Apple TV, and playing my entire PC iTunes library over the home stereo system connecting them together using an Airport Express... so it seems that I'm becoming slowly but surely a member of the Apple family - even if I hate that thought.

Why ? Well, here are just a few reasons...

The closed garden approach, where Apple has to approve all apps and all content before you can get it on your device. Blatant example: Steve doesn't like the Adobe folks, and as such there is no Flash support on the Ipad (not in the Safari Browser, not as an App). As a result, many interactive websites simply don't function (or they need to develop an alternative interface just for the Apple users...)

The contineous stream of infringing Terms And Conditions... once a month you get a new set of Terms and Conditions you need to agree with if you want to use iTunes and the iTunes store. You don't agree ? Well, now your device is lost in space and isolated for ever. Have you ever read these T&C's in full ? Do you realize that if you move from one country to another, you are not allowed to continue to use your Apple Itunes account to buy music and apps ? According to the T&C's, you might even lose the right to just play your music in the new country... Didn't you actually buy this stuff ?

The fact that after every iTunes upgrade (so about once a month) on my PC, some of the connectivity between my iTunes PC library, iPad v2, Airport Express, Apple TV and the Remote App stops working and requires some trouble shooting to make it work again (iTunes Remote Library Connectivity Solutions for Windows users are here))

And I'm sure other people have other frustrations... but yes, overall, it's just great, easy and fun - and the more Apple products in your home, the easier it becomes... I'm sure if I would just replace my iTunes PC with a Mac it would be all fine...

New Ipad is really great.

New Ipad is really great. Very neat video functions up to my HD TV. Apple TV is great.

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Hey Marty... I will get mine

Hey Marty... I will get mine on Friday, so I'll try to set up a FaceTime call - just to test the interatlantic communication quality !

Excellent ;) Let's test it

Excellent ;) Let's test it this weekend. I will have to get it away from my wife Linda long enough to take the call. Use (her address). What is your FaceTime address?

And Jürgen, is the iPad2

And Jürgen, is the iPad2 performing as you expected ?

Mine will arrive next Thu; I have built a dummy setup for the past week with the docking station, the sexy little keyboard, and the navy-blue cover .....

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The good news... it has

The good news... it has arrived safe and well in the US last week... and I found a friend who is kindly bringing it to Belgium this week. So next weekend we can play with the FaceTime application and give "the world" a view on Jonas !

And difficult to believe but true... we also picked the Blue cover...

Well I hope it's not stuck in

Well I hope it's not stuck in a windows mode at 99% for hours, days,... LOL

I am still waiting. My Ipad

I am still waiting. My Ipad v2 should be here next week.

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Well, great news... I just

Well, great news... I just received a notice that my Ipad v2 shipped - directly from Shenzen (China). So looks like the 'forecasted' April 19th date will be easily met and beaten !