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Tiles... GPS tracking in a little box for $18 - shipping Winter 2013

Tile GPS Tag on Purse

"Tile" is yet another new high-tech gadget idea which is to raising money to build their gizmo's through crowd sourcing. As of August 3rd, they raised more than 2.6 million (!) from people willing to hand over hard cash now, with a promise to receive the devices later on this year.

What is Tile ? Well, do you remember those old key chains which made noise when you whistled or called them - with the promise that you would never lose your keys again ? Well, "Tile" is the same idea with brand new technology. Affix a "Tile" to any object, and it will continuously report its GPS location so you can track it with your iPhone and when you are close enough and still can't locate it, it will even beep for you. Pre-order now at $18 a piece... and wait until the end of 2013 before your toys get delivered !

[if you watch the video... pause it at 33 seconds - this is the forthcoming new Iphone 5s or 6 !!! ]

Read up on the technology, the product, the funding campaign, and see some nice demo screens... at The Tile App Site.

I did order mine... a 4 pack (3-pack + one freebie) and I hope the company (Reveal Labs) will be successful in pulling this off: making the product, making a profit and establishing a wide use base. I give them credit for thinking about their business case before starting to sell their product: if you like the product - you will buy a new set of Tiles every year as the devices are sealed waterproof with a battery that will last just one year - and with an automatic build in system that will send you an email when it is time to replace them... recurring sales anyone ? Seems just like the Nike+ sensors when they were first introduced...

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Tile delayed to April 2014...

Tile delayed to April 2014... well every start is difficult I guess... the Tile shipments have been delayed one more time... into April... and new orders are now for summer 2014.

Dear Tile Community:

Thank you for your support as we continue to build Tile. As we roll into the New Year, our focus remains on producing an incredible product.

To answer the top question on everyone's mind, “When will I get my Tile?” We are now able to confirm that Tile shipments will begin in April 2014. We are focused on getting Tile out to you as quickly as possible, while ensuring the highest quality. We have secured one of the best manufacturers in the world and we are seeing Tiles come off the very machines that soon will be producing thousands every day. It is incredible to watch, and we want to share these updates and experiences with you.

The past few months have been both exciting and informative – we’ve introduced a product that has captivated the market and have been integrating the feedback that you have provided, to best align Tile with the needs of our customers. In the coming weeks, we are committed to improving our communication to you on the progress Tile is making. We invite you to share your thoughts.

Thank you very much for your support as we all create a world where you’ll never lose anything again.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Nick and Mike