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Unlimited Free Music Downloads from Google [.cn]

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Google claims they want to play by the US rules in China - no censorship, full freedom of information. At that is great. However, when you are in China, you will notice that for their local Google China Service they do they advantage of the more liberal Chinese rules on Intellectual property... Using the regular google service, you can download just about any song for free in plain mp3 format. No kidding.

The Google China Music Homepage is the path to unlimited listing and downloading of all popular music - not just the Chinese artists but everyone including US artists like the Stereophonics. Search for any artist, click on any album, and download the .mp3 file straight away. Oh yeah, you do have to visit this link from within China - else it doesn't work.

So yes, Google complaints that it doesn't want to follow the Chinese censorship rules any longer, but it does want to continue to allow free downloads of music files of American artists ? Sounds like Google wants the best of both worlds... or will we see free mp3 music downloads in the US shortly ? I doubt it...

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Google shuts down China music

Google shuts down China music service

Well, as of October 19th 2012 it is finished to download official licensed music for free using Google's Chinese webportal. Google has decided to end the service because it did not reach the expected popularity...